Monday, February 21, 2011

Bob Lokman join PAS

Bob Lokman is a familiar name among the artists of Malaysia. He is not only famous for acting and funny, but his success from a famous composer in the era of 80 '. Among the works that still-popular song to date, including singing songs Isabella Group Search.

Bob Lokman (pictured center) is also a former judge of the reality Raja Lawak 4. He is no longer seen in tv or mana2 ceremony associated with the artist. Maybe he can still dabble in the arts arena with a more moderate approach, but he refused to go that direction.

Last he was shocked the world of artists and politicians of Malaysia when he decided join PAS.

Bob Lokman message to the Malaysian
- Greetings to all. Wednesday 16 Rabiu'ul awal/19 Feb, I have submitted an application form for a PAS member. God willing, if accepted I will be a member of the Subang area. As the knowledge here is not my purpose for seeking popularity and position, but only to perform my responsibilities as a servant of Islam kpd ALLAH who had wandered away with the business world.

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